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Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse (BWL) is a 501.c.3 charitable organization formed in 2012 to develop boys (K-8) lacrosse in the Bellingham, WA area. The organization is driven to provide a "best-in-class" lacrosse program and experience for our student athletes in grades K-8.
Prior to 2012, the Whatcom Warriors boy’s high school team was started in 2004 by long-time lacrosse supporter Greg Hill.  East coast transplants and former collegiate players Peter Buetow and John Heritage and other committed parents started Bellingham Youth Lacrosse in 2006 with 10 players. In 2007 we fielded our first boy’s league team at the grades 5/6 level; in 2010 we fielded our first girl’s league team at the grades 5/6 level; in 2014 we fielded our first girl’s league team at the high school level. In 2013, our youth and high school programs merged into one organization, and now operate under one board and one name – Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse.
Since 2006, our youth  numbers have grown significantly with about 150 players now in program. In 2014 we offer developmental programs for boys and girls, and field multiple league teams at all levels for boys and at grades 7/8 and high school level for girls. Our boy’s high school program has also grown in numbers and in level of competition.  In 2013 our boys varsity team ended the regular season undefeated and ranked #1 in the state in Div. II.  In 2014 our boys varsity team began playing in Div. I.
In 2017 Girls youth lacrosse created their own club.  The High School lacrosse teams also split off and formed their own clubs.  In 2020 BWL will support our K-8 youth as we continue to grow the game! 

Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse Board
The 2019-2020 BWL Board will be forming over the summer.  First meeting will be in September of 2020!
if you are interested in a volunteer position, please email

The BWL Board is a group of volunteers. They meet monthly to keep our program running and growing for the youth of Bellingham, Ferndale, and Blaine.

2020 Board
President: Mark C. Jacques(8)

Vice President: Wendy St. Clair(6)
Secretary: Katie Kavulla(2)
Treasurer: OPEN
Member at large: Suzy Cipriani(1)
Member at large: Kimberly Grycel(5)
Member at large: Jacen Johnson(8)
Member at large:Jeni Brummel(1)
Member at large:Ingrid Martens(8)

Member at large:Andy Simmons(5)

Member at large: OPEN

(Bracket numbers refernce grade of player. 8 Denotes last year.) 

Program Coordinator (non-voting position): Andrea Jacques 

Field Preparation (non-voting position):  OPEN

Webmaster (non-voting position): Andrea Jacques (volunteer needed!)

Registrar (non-voting position): Andrea Jacques

League Representative (non-voting position): Kim Grycel

Gear Manager (non voting position):  OPEN

2019 Board
President: Mark C. Jacques

Vice President: Flo Behrends
Secretary: Jacque Oswin
Treasurer: Dan Behrends
Member at large: Guy Cipriani
Member at large: Kimberly Grycel
Member at large: Ingrid Martens
Member at large: Jacen Johnson

Member at large: Open

Program Coordinator (non-voting position): Andrea Jacques (acting)

Field Preparation (non-voting position):  TBD 

Webmaster (non-voting position): Andrea Jacques

Registrar (non-voting position): Andrea Jacques

League Representative (non-voting position): Kim Grycel