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2020 NSYL Jamboree Rules – Quick Reference


Updated 2/14/20 – Previous editions obsolete References to NSYL rules are in 7.0.0 of the NSYL

Rules of the day


Penalties are reported to the table with normal times by the refs. The score table will convert penalties 1.5x.

Penalties begin when play resumes. Penalty time does not run during a team timeout or any time the game clock is stopped.

Coaches and players are restricted to the team area. Teams may only send two volunteers to the score table.

Board members may be in the score table area. This is limited to President, VP, Athletic Director, Youth Director, or Asst Youth Director.

Only head coaches may address the officials from the team area.

Parents and spectators are restricted to the sideline opposite the team areas.

An ejection from a game is an ejection from the rest of the day. This includes ejections for high hits to the neck or head reported the ref.

Each team provides an equal number of game balls, as needed.

4 end line balls should be placed immediately before each half for 56 and 78 games.

No drones allowed.

Teams will shake hands after each game.